Agri Europe Cyprus Ltd is committed to endorsing a corporate culture based on ethics and integrity, thus fostering an environment in which all stakeholders are encouraged to report any potential breaches of Code of conduct or regulatory requirements.

Reporting illegitimate conduct can sometimes be difficult for various reasons. Therefore, we have launched Whistleapp, as a whistleblowing tool, that enables you to report a breach, offering you also the possibility to report anonymously.

If you are aware of any wrongdoing, corruption, violation of financial sanctions regulations, insider trading, money laundering, environmental damage, harassment, threat to someone’s safety or health, or violation of any legal or regulatory obligation, you can submit this information via following link: https://whistleapp.vco.ey.com/. More information on how we handle your report on potential regulatory requirements breaches and protect your privacy, can also be found on the above-mentioned link. 

Eurobank Direktna

Eurobank Direktna is a universal bank and one of leading financial institution, equally focused on both retail and corporate banking. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of up-to-date financial products and services that meet technological needs of modern clients. Operating with total assets of over EUR 2,6 billion and capital exceeding EUR 330 million in the market of Serbia, Eurobank Direktna represents a reliable partner and safe choice of numerous clients.

Corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of Eurobank Direktna business strategy since the beginning of its operations. Constantly committed to investing in the community where it operates successfully, Eurobank Direktna continues to realize programs focused on community improvement based the defined CSR pillars: education, healthcare, environment, culture, and social inclusion. Since its establishment in 2003, the Bank has invested more than EUR 4.8 million in these initiatives.

Since the beginning of its operations, Eurobank Direktna has been awarded for outstanding achievements in philanthropic activities and business initiatives. In 2023,  The Green Trade Facilitation Programme (Green TFP) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted to Eurobank Direktna an award Deal of the Year 2022 – Green Trade (sustainably sourced materials). 

Aiming to maintain one of the leading market positions in terms of innovative solutions and user-friendly e-platforms, Eurobank Direktna continues digitizing its products, improving existing services, and promoting digital transformation. Our goal remains to be the bank of preferred choice for making financial decisions of citizens of Serbia, while operating with the sense of responsibility towards the social community, employees and our clients.

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AIK Bank

In the decades since its establishment, AIK Banka has become a systematically important bank in the domestic market with reputation of being a reliable, stable and efficient financial institution and become a symbol of trust to a large number of corporations and private individuals alike.

Through organic growth as well as acquisition, AIK Banka focuses on business development, increasing its market presence and strengthening its position. Committed to innovation and the continuous development of digital services and products available round the clock – 24/7, AIK Banka is recognised as a leader in innovation at the domestic, as well as regional banking market.

Supporting sustainable development of local communities and the betterment of their quality of life, reflected in continuous investments in innovations; adherence to the highest levels of professionalism and business ethics; respect for its business partners, customers and consumers; demonstrated environmental awareness and environmental protection; as well as its care for broader social issues, the Bank with special attention supports and builds sound relationships with all stakeholders in the local environment.

The recognition of its dedication and success is due to the fact that for five years in a row, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, AIK Banka won the prestigious International Banker Award granted by this renowned global magazine for the best commercial bank in Serbia.

MV Investment

Founded in 1995, M&V Investments has operated for many years now as a leading brokerage company offering a wide range of investment services on the domestic capital market.

Since the very beginning, M&V Investments has constantly improved its business activities, adapting to world standards and actively participating in the development of the Serbian and regional capital market. Today, M&V Investments is characterised by a recognisable reputation built on efficient business transactions.

M&V Investments has organised and processed some of the largest domestic and regional company takeovers and is an acting corporate agent for over 70 largest companies in Serbia and SEE region.

As a brokerage house with the highest participation in trading, M&V Investments has received several awards from the Belgrade Stock Exchange. In the last fifteen years, starting from 2005, M&V Investments achieved the largest shares trading turnover in comparison to other members of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Gorenjska Banka

Gorenjska Banka is an established and respected financial institution with a long-lasting reputation as a bank truly committed to serving its varied customer base in the best possible way, by providing excellent banking services. Throughout recent years, the Bank has been developing and growing its solution portfolio to satisfy the needs of various customer segments and has remained strongly committed to this purpose.

Sustainable development and continuous improvement are important cornerstones on which the Bank builds relationships with others in the local environment and its wider customer base. With the support of an ambitious management team, Gorenjska Banka is committed to realising its strategic stance towards efficiently integrating digitalisation into the business in the coming years.

The Bank`s portfolio is enriched by offering leasing services to customers through its subsidiary, GB Leasing.

GB Leasing

GB Leasing is an established company with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of financial and insurance services in Slovenia. With a quality and extensive portfolio of leasing services in the movables segment, GB Leasing serves the needs of various types of customers, from individuals to legal entities. It provides financial solutions when it comes to purchasing various types of vehicles, construction and agriculture machinery, medical equipment and other equipment.

GB Leasing focuses on designing practical leasing services tailor-made for each individual customer and implemented quickly and efficiently. GB Leasing consist of a team of experienced experts and is able to provide top-notch services with the support of a strong and established network of partners and suppliers. The company’s main strategic goal is to become the leading provider of leasing services in the movables segment on the Slovenian market.


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